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      Huaming Machinery Factory is mainly specialized in producing the feedingstuff machineries for fishes, shrimps, and poultry, pasture machinery and other supporting equipments, is the member of China Fishing Vessels and Fishery Machinery Association and China Feedingstuff Industries Association, is a modern enterprise by packing of machinery design, fabrication as well as the design and installation of the supporting equipments.

      In 2005, Japan Yuannei Corporation, with 20 years of history to produce biological fertilizer pelletizer, finally established Wuxi Yuannei Machinery Co., Ltd under a mutual investment with our plant through the investigation on tens of domestic enterprises with the same trade as ours, This company is mainly specialized in producing dual-frame model biological fertilizer pelletizer and undertakes the manufacturing of biological fertilizer production line.

      • - 15006175717
        Responsible for: Five provinces in Northwest China 、Hunan Hubei、Sichuang Chongqing、Neimeng Shanxi、Shangxi Hebei、
        Shandong Jiangxi、Yunna Haina
      • - 13601512921
        Responsible for: Three provinces in Northeast China 、Guangdong Guangxi、Beijing Tianjing、Fujian Guizhou、Xingjiang Hebei
      • - 15061793225
        Responsible for: Jiangsu、Zhejiang、Anhui
      Add:No.118 Xiganxi Road, Xibei Town,Xishan Area,Wuxi,Jiangsu
      - Sales Tel:0510-83791888 83795888 
      - Services Tel:0510-82237888 82237838 
      - Fax:0510-83794983 
      Plese send your message to us.We will reply your inquiry to this Email as soon as we see it.
      - Web:www.kevinbussey.com 
      - E-mail:876771808@qq.com